Volunteering is characterized by the participation in the operation or animation of the association without counterpart.

Volunteers are actively involved in the running of the Museum throughout the year. Thank you.

If the Museum is what it is today, we owe it to the action of the various Boards of Directors helped, to achieve the objectives set, by volunteers engaged throughout the life of the Museum. Their dedication is the equivalent of four full-time jobs.

The Museum requires volunteers to ensure:

guided tours on Sundays and holidays
(excluding the three months of the summer provided by guides) 

help bring the library up to standard

participate in the preparation of cultural events (conferences, coffee debates, sorties patrimoines…)

By becoming a volunteer, for the good of the Museum, you will have the right to fraternal contacts with other members of the association, to a cultural and intellectual enrichment through discussions and conferences. 

So… if you have time for us, come join the group.

We are counting on you!