All genealogy information is in French

Presentation of genealogical resources and their consultation 


The genealogy section is mainly intended to collect and organize genealogical information about the Protestant population of Haut Languedoc.

The period in question extends mainly from the beginning of the 16th century to the beginning of the 18th century.

The museum sources are, in large part, the results of private research that can be supplemented by the parish archives, the Departmental Archives and the Society of the History of Protestantism.


The genealogical data available free of charge on this site comes in the form of a database.

The Internet user who wishes to have information, in addition to the elements available on this site, will have to contact the secretariat by specifying the surnames concerned as well as a date (even approximate) of birth, baptism, marriage or death.

For a given name, the museum can provide information about his birth, baptism, marriage, death, possible renunciation, ascendants and descendants.

But the museum has neither the vocation nor the means to carry out genealogical research from sources that do not belong to it (departmental archives in particular).

As a result, any request for research will not be supported by the museum.

However, here are two Internet links that can make searching easier for the user:

Archives départementales du Tarn

Base Rigal
((This database gives the rating of a document listed in the departmental archives)