News at the Museum ! 

Interactive games to enrich the experience of young visitors  

With Piero the megalith as guide

Bienvenue en Hautes Terres d'Oc

Enjoy an afternoon with friends or family to visit the Museum of Protestantism and discover our games

For ages 6-11

A Puzzle Quiz to discover the museum while having fun

For ages 12-15

A Dart Quiz to discover the permanent exhibition (in French)

« Conducts the investigation to the museum »

Open your eyes and ears, bring a pencil and turn into a “Super Investigator”.

mène l'enquête 6-11 ans

Ask for your brochure or tablet at the front desk and throughout the full tour to solve the riddle and get your detective degree on the way out.

« Discovering the museum»

Equipped with a tour guide, brochure or tablet that you can ask for at the reception, have fun discovering the museum and its treasures…. multiple choice questionnaire, mixed words… waiting for you!

For toddlers

A photo game allows you to discover different museum objects while having fun

Coin des petits

Tolerance Our History
 The Calas case (1761 – 1765)

An interactive experience about the” Calas case” is offered on the tablet. Rumors, fears, «fake news» religious intolerance in the eighteenth century. A case that marked Protestantism in our region


The museum offers guided tours and commented by a volunteer guide and in addition to educational workshops with themes adapted to your students.

"Citizen Passport"

An itinerary from the Reformation to secularism

Guided tour with
“Citizen Passport” educational booklet


50,00€ per class

Bus tour "Ferrières à la Pierre Plantée"

Discovery of the history of the town, its natural and built heritage and its heritage in connection with Protestantism


20,00€ per class in addition to the guided tour

12km round trip by bus, depending on the weather, a small walk is possible

Game "Cité...cap"

In a playful form, it is a matter of making the players aware of the stakes of extremely abstract concepts (Freedom, Secularism, Public-Private, use of places, etc.) that contribute to the implementation of collective life.

The action consists of a collective work of 15 to 25 players, consisting in creating a city where all the pieces proposed (more than sixty) must find their place.

The construction of the city must be explained, by the players, as they go.


20,00€ per class in addition to the visit of the museum (if workshop at the museum)

50,00€ per class if the workshop is animated in the school.

Buste de Marianne dans le parcours permanent du musée du protestantisme dans le Tarn
Atelier laïcité

Around a quiz:


on the history of secularism in France


20,00€ per class in addition to the visit of the museum (if workshop at the museum)

50,00€ per class if the workshop is animated in the school