The permanent exhibition

A trip through time and space !

A brochure describing the permanent exhibition is on sale at the museum (5 euros)


The interior of the museum is organized around the contrast existing between a relative bareness as in the Reformation churches in terms of objects, pictures, colors and the bias of a permanent exhibition showing warm colors, staging, rare pieces such as a desert pulpit and a silk thesis.…

chaireThe museum offers a trip with more surprises than maybe expected mainly because, according to centuries, it leads to Geneva, Europe and North America (diaspora of refugees) to Africa and Madagascar (at the time of aboard missions).

The important dates present here a specific accent regarding either l’Edit de Nantes or the century of Louis XIV, the Revolution, la République laïque, the 40’s..

The trip in the museum is at the same time a pier, a cruise ( with about 20 stops ) and a bunch of lights in the foreground.
The monumental ramp represent all that as a symbol.
The Ferrières team wishes you a good crossing filled with history, laïcité. And remember this : knowing one’s past as well as the one of our neighbor is one of the surest way to learn how to live together.