The financial campaign

inauguration 9Inauguration of the new museum on April, 16th 2011 after a few months of operation.

Why support the museum?
The museum is running with only one paid employee and volunteers ( equivalent to 4 employees).
Make a donation to the Museum The museum of Ferrières develops its "activities" in the direction of all the public and in particular children: discovery of what is a museum, cultural education and citizen (the living together, acceptance of the difference ...).
For this he must and enrich his collection, especially with objects of historical interest and be equipped with modern means of visit and discovery. That's why we appeal to you: we need your support for
- acquisition and restoration of works
- development and creation of educational tools
- layout of the museum trail

Thank you for participating in these developments by sending us your donation regardless of the amount.
A magic formula: 100 € = 30 €!
Each donation entails the establishment of a tax receipt allowing a reduction of the income tax.
Please send your donation to the order of the Museum at the following address
Musée du Protestantisme
La Ramade - Ferrières