The association

(Act 1901)

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Le Musée du Protestantisme – de la Réforme à la laïcité – is an association.
Association established in 1967 , a year before the official opening of the museum located at that time in the castle of Ferrières.

Its objectives are :
Manage,develop and organize the museum
Look for, receive,acquire,store,keep and display all objects , works (engravings,manuscripts,audio-video documents…) in connection with local protestant history.

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The Association owns and keeps all the collections of the museum and ensures their conservation. It is independent of all religious denominations and make sure the museum will not divert from its focus.
The Association sets up exhibitions,conferences,visits of the museum as well as any sort of activities related to the museum.( Apply to the current programme )

Its resources come from the member and entrance fees and from subvention received from local authorities.