Protestant Vivarais Museum

Maison Marie Durand

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Le Bouschet de Pranles
07000 – PRANLES
Tél : 04 75 64 22 74 ou 04 75 64 30 39
GPS : N 44° 47' 3,82" - E 4° 35' 11,13"

This fortified house is located in the site of the bitter and isolated Boutières plateau, the land of stubborn Protestantism
These places saw the birth of the Durand family, whose son Pierre, who became a pastor, played an important role alongside Antoine Court in the restoration of the "Eglise Réformée du Vivarais". Captured in February 1732, he was hanged on April 22nd. His sister Marie, born in 1711, was arrested and imprisoned with other co-religionists at the Tower of Constance in Aigues-Mortes. She stayed there 38 years.

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