La maison John & Eugénie Bost

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17 rue du Pasteur Alard
24130 - LA FORCE
Tél : 05 53 22 25 59
GPS : N 44° 52' 01.5" - E 0° 22' 48.3" 

This museum is not a museum like the others. "La Maison" John and Eugénie Bost tell you stories.
That of John and his wife Eugenie, with an essential role. Those of a territory and of those who live there. It illustrates a human adventure that, from La Force, now spreads over many sites across France.
"La Maison" John and Eugénie Bost is thus the map of a territory. Its success is based on a special relationship with residents, professionals and volunteers of the John Bost Foundation, as well as with all visitors.
Evolutive, its immersive visit aims to educate and promote a change of perspective of people and society on disability and mental illness: a museum to understand the difference .

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