Musée rochelais d'histoire protestante

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 boussole2 rue Saint Michel
Tél : 05 46 41 32 84
GPS : N 46° 9' 34,21" - O 1° 9' 0,64" 

This museum focuses on the history of Protestantism in La Rochelle, Aunis and Saintonge.
You can admire in this museum precious ceramics by Bernard Palissy, a copy of the Confession of Faith of 1571 printed in La Rochelle, the insignia of the "gueux de lamer" who came to fight alongside the corsairs rochelais, engravings and plans of siege of the city in 1573 and 1628.
A room is devoted to "Desert Time", with a large tapestry known as the "Ten Commandments" dated 1779.

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