Musée du Poitou protestant

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Route de Saint Maixent - 79800 BEAUSSAIS
Tél : 05 49 32 83 16
GPS : N 46° 19' 6.27" - O 0° 9' 26.01" (La Couarde)
GPS : N 46° 17' 28.45" - O 0° 9' 15.90" (Beaussais) 

This house has chosen to illustrate the history of the Protestants of Poitou with the testimony of Jean Migault, teacher in the seventeenth century who, persecuted, had to go into exile in the Netherlands.
In the Romanesque church of the twelfth century, a multimedia show retraces through the story of this teacher, the arrival of JeanCalvin in Poitiers, wars of religion, dragonnades and clandestine life in the "Desert" in the countryside Poitevin

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