Museum of Western Protestant France

Musée du Bois Tiffrais

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Le Bois Tiffrais
Tél : 02 51 66 41 03
GPS : N 46° 44' 41,28" - O 0° 56' 52,70"

Hidden in the heart of the Vendée grove, this museum is housed in a 19th century castle, in the middle of a large park.
It presents five and soon six rooms to the public.It evokes the arrival of Calvin in Poitiers in 1534, the long episodes of the wars of religion that saw the emergence of personalities such as the Prince de Condé (assassinated in Jarnac) and the Admiral of Coligny (defeated at Moncontour in 1569), the two seats of La Rochelle, the first dragonnades experimented by Louvois in this region which lived the exile of thousands of Protestants after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes

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