Friends, in France and abroad

Organizations with which the museum has friendly relationship

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France (Paris)

Historical Society of French Protestantism "Société d'histoire du protestantisme français" (SHPF)

54 rue des Saints-Pères
75007 PARIS
Tél : 01 45 48 62 07
GPS : N 48° 51' 13,42" - E 2° 19' 48,00"
"La Société de l’Histoire du Protestantisme Français", founded in 1852 and recognized of public utility in 1870 has for vocation to preserve the documents and objects allowing to evoke the memory of Protestantism.
The Ferrières Protestantism Museum is a member of the SHPF

France (Albi)

Departmental Archives of Tarn

51 avenue de la Verrerie
81013 ALBI CEDEX 9
Tél : 05 63 36 21 00
GPS : N 48° 56' 34,11" - E 2° 8' 26,91"
The departmental archives constitute the historical memory of the department.
They carry out missions of scientific and technical control on the public archives, of collection and sorting, of classification, of conservation, of communication to the administrations and the public, of cultural enhancement of the documentary collections which they preserve.

France (Mérindol)

Association of Vaudois and Historical Studies of Luberon

La Muse - B.P. 04
Tél :
GPS : N 43°45'23.7" E 5°12'04.3"
This association, which is headquartered in Merindol, historical capital of the Vaudois Luberon, was officially founded in July 1977 by a team of enthusiasts,
It aims to promote historical and archaeological research in the Luberon and the Monts du Vaucluse, to deepen the history and the doctrine of Valdeism, to create and maintain relationship with associations working in the same field, nationally and internationally .

France (Marseille)

Musée des Cultures Europe Méditerranée (MuCEM)

1 Esplande du J4
13002 Marseille
Tél : 04 84 35 13 13
GPS : N 43°17'49.2" E 5°21'40.0"
Unique in its kind, MuCEM is entirely devoted to the cultures of Europe and the Mediterranean. At the entrance to the Old Port, with a view of the open sea, the museum makes sense. It is here that travelers from all over the world have traveled for centuries. If it is strongly anchored in the past, the MuCEM is also and above all a witness of the present, at a time when the Mediterranean world is undergoing transformations, both religious, social and political..

Swiss (Genève)

The International Museum of the Reformation "Le Musée international de la Réforme" (MiR)

4 rue du cloître
Cour St Pierre
Tél : 00 41 (0)22 310 24 31
GPS : N 46° 12' 5,00" - E 6° 8' 53,24"
Installed in Geneva in the prestigious Maison Mallet since April 2005, the International Museum of the Reformation (MiR) presents the history of the Reformation, from the origin to the present day, as well as the work and influence of Jean Calvin both in Geneva than abroad.

Canada (Québec)

The Museum of World Religions

900 boulevard Louis Fréchette
1204 NICOLET (Québec) J3T 1V5
Tél : 00 1 819 293-6148
GPS : N 46° 13' 58,94" - O 72° 36' 35,92"
Unique in America, the Museum of World Religions invites you to explore the fascinating world of history and religious rites.
A surprising discovery of the heart of religious beliefs and practices of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity.